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Compelling Display Solutions

Retail and display programs have to do more than just capture attention in a crowded space, they have to make a distinct mark in the mind of the buyer. Equipped with extensive expertise, vast resources, and a passion for trailblazing, Acrylic Source creates experiences that showcase your product and connect the consumer to your brand.

Using a rich palette of materials and a broad scope of capabilities, our display solutions are created to impress.  Our approach to design invites your audience to engage with your brand, creating a connection that lasts longer than the in-store experience. Our display solutions are in over 50,000 retail and restaurant locations worldwide.

Custom Fabrication + Fixtures

Subtle – or loud – doses of color.  Unexpected textures that attract. Skillfully added touches of elegance. Our custom fabrication and fixtures capabilities create one-of-a-kind pieces that are as interesting as they are versatile.

Elite Customer Experience

We offer comprehensive care of the customer to provide an effortlessly perfect design experience as we custom create your unique retail programs. When you partner with us,  you’ll enjoy an elite and comprehensive customer care before, during, and after the project.   Equipped with extensive expertise, resources, and a spirit to serve mindset, we handle every aspect of your display program from top to bottom.  Your success is our top priority.


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